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Artist Statement

Prepare for some hot garbage

Welcome, weary traveller! It appears that you are about to have the unfortunate pleasure of reading Owen Hellum’s artist statement. My condolences.

I’m a 20 year old, male, bilingual, and self-designated democratic socialist living currently on the unceded Indigenous lands and waters of Tiohtià:ke/Montréal, of which the Kanien’kehá:ka Nation are custodians. Some of the dumb things that I get up to often have to do with (but are not limited to) games & interactive design, 3D modeling, pixel art, web design, theatre, and photography. My passion for small projects is evident by the trail of chopped-up and discarded web experiments, small games, and general musings that lie in my wake. My interests lie squarely on the intersection between whimsicality, unorthodoxy, and technicality in games and other interactive media. My artistic and programming sides are always at viscous war with each other, and with no clear winner in sight.

In short, I’m a bumbling human being just like you who happens to enjoy making tech and design focused art. You can check out interactive works at: As if that wasn’t enough for your poor brain to receive, I’d also point you in the direction of my website, where I dabble with and put up nearly anything remotely palatable. Take a gander at: I jangle around like a marionette on the abomination that is Twitter from time to time as well via @DignifiedAngst.

(statement last updated Fall 2021)