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Older portfolio works

Miscelaneous projects made in the past few years

Miscelaneous Blender projects
Blender, 2017 to 2020
[AAA] [apple] [bday] [christmas] [diamond] [easter] [game_boy] [mimic] [orb] [pink] [tea_time] [train] [tube]
Miscelaneous Aseprite projects
Aseprite, 2017 to 2020
[Bus] [Hut] [Journal] [Pumpkin] [Starry] [Still Life] [Violin]
Code Quest Game
NetBeans, Scene Builder, and Aseprite, November 2018 to January 2019
Unfortunately, this game was made in JavaFX with NetBeans, so I can't exactly export a copy easily. I may put in the effort to dredge it up one day though. It's on GitHub.
Bone chandelier
ABS 3D printer plastic, metal wire, and hot glue, November 2018 to January 2019
[All 44 of the bones I printed]
[Some of the bones glued together to form the arms of the chandelier]
[The final product, with all bones assembled]
Subway animation
Blender & Final Cut Pro X, April 2018 to May 2018
Stop motion animation
Clay, false fur, natural materials, various plastics, hot glue, Final Cut Pro X, and Garage Band, March 2017 to April 2017