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Creativity art dump

An informal collection of small projects

Fake record store posters
Adobe Illustrator, June 2021
[Poster 1] [Poster 2]
Love, Death & Robots infographic (view the data here)
Adobe Illustrator, May 2021
[Love, Death & Robots poster]
SVG mobile icon redesigns
Adobe Illustrator, May 2021
[Mobile icons 1] [Mobile icons 2] [Mobile icons 3] [Mobile icons 4] [Mobile icons 5] [Mobile icons 6] [Mobile icons 7] [Mobile icons 8] [Mobile icons 9] [Mobile icons 10] [Mobile icons 11] [Mobile icons 12]
Fake album covers
Nikon D300, Adobe Illustrator, April 2021
[Fake album 1] [Fake album 2] [Fake album 3] [Fake album 4] [Fake album 5] [Fake album 6] [Fake album 7] [Fake album 8] [Fake album 9] [Fake album 10] [Fake album 11] [Fake album 12]
Screenshots from Grounded+ game of The Last Of Us Part II
Play Station 4, March 2021
[TLOU2 screenshot 1] [TLOU2 screenshot 2] [TLOU2 screenshot 3] [TLOU2 screenshot 4] [TLOU2 screenshot 5] [TLOU2 screenshot 6] [TLOU2 screenshot 7] [TLOU2 screenshot 8] [TLOU2 screenshot 9] [TLOU2 screenshot 10] [TLOU2 screenshot 11] [TLOU2 screenshot 12] [TLOU2 screenshot 13] [TLOU2 screenshot 14] [TLOU2 screenshot 15]
Soundscape with datamoshed and heavily filtered phtos, Datamosh Studio, Adobe Premiere Pro, March 2021
Poster for a friend
Adobe Illustrator, February 2021
[climate change poster]
Soviet Toys Silent Film Dub
Adobe Premiere Pro, January 2021
Simple ? Logo
Adobe Illustrator, January 2021
[? logo]
Worldbuilding mining facility concept manual
Adobe Illustrator, January 2021
[Manual 1] [Manual 2] [Manual 3] [Manual 4] [Manual 5] [Manual 6]
Blender texturing test (I'm slowly getting better)
Blender, January 2021
[USB 1]
[USB 2]
Pixel character designs
Aseprite, January 2021
[Character 1]
[Character 2]
[Character 3]
[Character 4]
Alternative Criterion Collection DVD covers
Adobe Illustrator, December 2020
[Dead Man cover] [The Breakfast Club cover]
Top-down carpet tileset
Aseprite, December 2020
[Carpet tileset]
Some sticker designs
Adobe Illustrator 2020, November 2020
[Sticker 1] [Sticker 2] [Sticker 3] [Sticker 4] [Sticker 5] [Sticker 6] [Sticker 7] [Sticker 8]
Pixel art of my DND party
Aseprite, October 2020
[Karlyre portrait]
[Sepius portrait]
[Vienna portrait]
[Vjeta portrait]
Pixel logo redesigns
Aseprite, October 2020
[Pixel Firefox logo]


[Pixel Letterboxd logo]


[Pixel Messages logo]

Messages (iOS)

[Pixel Settings logo]


[Pixel Spotify logo]


Posters for design class
Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe Photoshop CS6, October 2020
[Typographic deseases poster]
[Orthogonal poster]
[Diagonal poster]
[Freeform poster]
Hardbody Modeling Sketches
Pencil, Pen, Paper, September and October 2020
[Cyberpunk garbage truck sketches]
[Space ship sketches]
Sticker Design
Adobe Illustrator, September 2020
[Flashy sticker design]
Pixel Film Posters
Aseprite, July 2020
[Amelie pixel poster]
[Coraline pixel poster]
[Moonrise Kingdom pixel poster]
Programming bug for my text adventure game
Web, June 2020
[Programming bug for text display]
3D logo redesigns
Blender, June 2020
[3D Blender logo]


[3D Mac Finder logo]

Finder (Mac)

[3D firefox logo]


[3D logo]

[3D Steam logo]


Brick and wood panelling restaurant
Blender, June 2020
[A 3D-modeled europpean-style café]
Grease Pencil Test
Blender, May 2020
Abstract cube
Blender, May 2020
30 paper butterflies
Printer paper, double-sided tape, May 2020
[All 44 of the bones I printed]
[Some of the bones glued together to form the arms of the chandelier]
[The final product, with all bones assembled]